Braces are every person’s worst nightmare, especially when it comes to fashion. However, all braces are not created equally and all of them have a different usage for different types of mouths. Depending on exactly why you need the braces, then different types will be recommended to you during your consolation with the doctors.

First, are the traditional metal braces. These are the braces that help move misshapen teeth into locations and keep them steady. Not only are they the least expensive, but they are also the fastest when it comes to moving teeth into place. The wires and brackets in the braces are also smaller than normal so they are less noticeable.

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Ceramic braces are also rising in popularity, as the brackets and wires that are used are often the same color as the teeth. This makes them invisible, which can be a lifesaver for young kids with self esteem issues. They are more expensive, and can be more susceptible to getting dirty along with the teeth, so kids who pick these need to be diligent about cleaning.

Finally, the newest version of new types of braces south gate, is called Invisalign. This is an invisible set of braces that unlike ordinary metal ones are fairly easy to take out. That way both the teeth and the aligners can be cleaned without any trouble. Plus, they are very comfortable for the patient and can usually work with any type of common alignment issue, although they are more expensive.

Your dentist will have an opinion regarding what type of braces their patient needs, and it can be valuable. Regardless of the type of braces you end up buying at the end of the day, know that all of them will keep your teeth well aligned and adjusted until the day you can take them off.